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Welcome to the site.  The Summerscales family  are named after what  is now a farm near Beamsley  on the road between Skipton and Harrogate.  The name was spelt Somerscales until around the end of the eighteenth century , rather like Somerset  instead of Summerset. On this site I have used Summerscales for the families that originated in the parish of Kildwick  and Somerscales for the families that were concentrated around Giggleswick.  The latter ceased to exist after around 1690 (but are the most interesting) whereas  the Kildwick families have grown  and grown and .....    

Research has been firstly from my own family (Lucy Summerscales of Keighley)  back to John of Kildwick in around 1450 and then down from John to the many branches that grew around the nineteenth century.  After the nineteenth century it is patchy and I would appreciate help from anyone who has traced back their families to one of the lines identified here, or a branch I have missed all together.  I can be contacted via the email link on the left.

Navigation around the site should be easy.  The links in the left hand column are live and will take you to gedcom web pages for the relevant family.

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I took on this family research from my mother Beryl Price who died  last year (2012) and her late sister Winnie Wilcock children of Alec and  Lucy Hobson (nee Summerscales) but we were not alone.  My aunt and mother were researching during the nineteen-seventies and eighties as was Judith Longmire (nee Summerscales) another fervent researcher who has unearthed masses of original material and let me have access/ownership of a large amount.  The results of her research are on this site except for her own line which we hope will be added one day.  Latterly ,  the Oldham Summerscales family has received attention from  Julie Egan who has an excellent web-site The Summerscales Clan (this link takes you off this site).  There have been contributions from  many other people who are acknowledged in the texts and I sincerely hope to receive a lot more information so that the Victorian families can be linked to the 21st Century.  Thank you for visiting and enjoy.

Gail Macqueen from Melbourne has written with some interesting information which can be accessed here.

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