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Summerscales Family History
JOHN Summerscales of Silsden proved 29th April 1829

The last will and testament of John Summerscales of Silsden yeoman.

Pay debts and funeral expenses.  All loans, gifts of any sort to children and grandchildren to be considered absolute gifts.

To grandson John Summerscales the son of Richard deceased £600 to be given to him when he attains the age of twenty-one .

I give and bequeath the house and shop in Silsden which I built upon the land of the Earl of Thanet and which I now hold at a small annual rent as tenant under him to my grandson John Tillotson the son of my late daughter Hannah and his wife Hannah plus £150 plus an annuity of £10 pa plus £250 to his children.

I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Betty the wife of Experience Fortrand £150 plus £10 pa plus £250 to their children

To Rebecca Hartley my granddaughter the child of my late daughter Mary £10 pa and £500 to her children

To Mary Ann Whittaker now aged 22 and living with her mother Mrs Holt of Aldfarm (?) and to Grace Summerscales aged 17 and living with Jevius Summerscales in Silsden £50 each.

Lastly all my money, farming stock, household furniture etc. to be divided equally between my two sons John and William.