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Summerscales Family History
Will of Richard Somerscales, 1571

In the name of God, Amen, the 17 day of July in the yeare of oure lorde God a thowsand fyv hundrethe seventie and one,
I, Richarde Somerscales, of Glushburne, w[i]thin the p[ar]ishe of Kildeweeke in Craven, beynge of good and p[er]fecte Remembraunce, laude and prayse be to Allmyghtie God, yet seeke in bodie, supposinge the tyme of my dep[ar]ture oute of this miserable and Transitorie worlde to be at hande, do maike this my laste will and Testamente in man[er] and forme hearafter followynge.
Firste I bequythe and geve my Soule to almyghtie God, the onelie maker and Redemer of the same, havinge a sure and full confidence, throughe the merites of christe his moste blessed passion, to have my p[er]fecte consumac[i]on and Joy in his eternall and everlastinge kingdome, and my bodie to be buried in the p[ar]ishe churche yearde of Kildeweeke aforsaid.
It[e]m I geve unto Ales Sherde my maid sex gimmer sheep.
It[e]m to JaneWylson my sisters doughter fyve shepe.
It[e]m to Thomasine Wylson one sheepe.
It[e]m I geve unto Isabell my syster one bushell of Rye and an other of Shillinge.
It[e]m I geve unto Margaret my sister two bushelles of Shillinge.
It[e]m I geve unto Isabell my dougter 13s 4d over and besides her childes p[ar]te.
It[e]m I geve unto Will[ia]m Somerscales my Sone the greateste potte and one laver [basin] over and besides his childe p[ar]te.
Also yf yt fortune my wyfe to be w[i]th childe nowe at the day of my deathe, and the same to lyve, then I geve unto the said childe 13s 4d over and beside that childes p[ar]te.
And the reste of all my goodes, moveable and unmoveable, whatsoever, my dettes, legaces and funerall expences discharged of all those whole goodes w[hi]ch of my right did app[er]teyne unto me at the day of my deathe, I geve them unto Elizabethe my wyfe, Will[ia]m, Thomas, Rob[ar]te, Isabell my children.
Also I nake Elizabethe my wyfe and Will[ia]m my sonne the trewe and lawfull executors of this my laste will and Testamente.
Thes beynge witnesses, Mr Peter Skarbroughe, gentlma[n], John Spencer, Robarte Ellis and Leonerde Spenser.

Probate of Will of Richard Somerscales

[And on the third day of the month of October in the year of our Lord aforesaid the Dean of Craven certified his approval of this will by all the witnesses named in the same will, they having been sworn etc,
And administration of the goods of the same was committed to Elizabeth the relict of the said deceased, the executrix named in the same will, she having been sworn etc, saving all right,
Power being reserved of committing similar adminstration to William the son of the said deceased, the coexecutor named in the same, he being in minority of age, when he should come to assume the same in form of year etc.]