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Summerscales Family History
Will and Inventory of Richard Somerscales of Silsden proved 27th April 1660

1st November 1659 . To be buried at Kildwick .  To Isabel his daughter our old dwelling house in the fould (sic) and half of our  close called the Bawtrey (?) during her natural life and the other half of the close called the Bawtrey (perhaps Brokes ?) he gave to William his son paying to Ann my eldest daughter the sum of 30s per year until he is 21 years old when he should pay her £30.  The old house and half the close to go to William then.  William is to give his sister (Richard’s youngest daughter) Sarah £30 when she is 21 maintaining her in the meantime.  Margaret my wife and William my son are to have all his moveable and immoveable goods.
Witness: Richard Tenant; Thomas Hustler, Henry Sawley and Samuel Wade (Drake?)
Thomas Hustler (Husband) and John Hustler (shoemaker?)  present at admin

Inventory 6th Jan 1659/60      £

Purse and apparel        4-0-0
3 cows     10-0-0
2 stirks and 3 heffers   13-0-0
5 calves         5-0-0
2 mares         6-0-0
1 swine         1-0-0
corn and hay    13-0
2 pairs wheels 4 carts
and other husbandry gear    3-0
4 beds and 1 cradle     3-0
bedding and linen     7-10-8
3 chests      1- 6-8
3 arks (cupboards)     2-0
2 tables with forms and 1
counter      1-6
wood       1-0
cupboards and dishboards        10
pewter       1-0
pots and pans      1-0
2 ranges, 1 ro** a pair of
brigs, a spit, a pair of tongues
and a fork          14-8d
chairs stools buffets and boards        6-8d
Bible            6-8d
Cushions           3s
Flesh            6s
A salting flat           6s
Meal and malt         7s
A stone of butter         4s
2 pairs of cards and a
spinning wheel       2-6d
axes wombles etc       4s
(hard to read: pillow & turps?)     7s

total:  £77-5-2