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Summerscales Family History
Will of Robert Somerscale

To be decently buried in the parish Church of Saint Martin at Ludgate of London, where I am a parishioner, for the charges thereof my will is, that forty shillings shall be paid to the Churchwardens of the said Church, three pounds shall be spent upon a banquet, amongst such of my neighbours and friends as shall come to my burial,  all debt I owe at the time of my decease be truly satisfied and paid.

I give and devise to Lawrence Dawson, citizen and haberdasher of London, his executors, administrators and assigns, all my moiety and one half of all the messuage or tenement, with appurtenances, called by the name, or sign of the Princes Armes, alias the Three Feathers in the Sun, wherein the said Lawrence Dawson and I do dwell and all the other tenements, houses and rooms, with their appurtenances on, or near Ludgate hill, in the ward of Faringdon without, and in the parish of Sainte Martyn at Ludgate of London together with all my right, interest, lease, and term of years, which I have to come in the same. Upon condition that if Lawrence Dawson, his executors, administrators or assigns, do not pay to my executor the sum of £73-6-8 as follows on 25th December next £36-13-4 and on the 24th of June 1602, another £36-13-4 then this gift shall be void.

I give and absolutely devise to Lawrence Dawson, all the presses, chests and implements, which belong to the shop and kitchen of the messuage or tenement called the Princes Armes, alias the Three Feathers in the Sun, and all my bedding, linen, wool, and my brown canvas doublet, laid with silver chain lace, my ridinge hose, my grograine hose, two of my best ruff bands and a morning cloak.  I give to Lawrence Dawson £25.00

I give to my uncle Edward Watkinson, my best cloak laid about with five silk laces and to my aunt his wife, a morning gown.
to Mary Watkinson daughter of the said Edwarde Watkinson £5 and a morning gown.
to Henrie Watkinson, a morning cloak, of the price of forty shillings.
to Edward Watkinson, servante to John Squire, a morning cloak, of the price of 25s
I give to mistress Gilbert 40s
I give to my godson Thomas Tempest 40s
to both Willyam Watkinson of Thurwoldby and to my aunt his wife 50s to make each of them a ring
to my loving mother Elizabeth Somerscale 40s
to my Aunt Jennett Spencer 40s
to my Aunt Mytchel 40s
to each of my uncles Willyam Spencer, Edmund Mytchell, George Watkinson a hat with a double Cyprus band, of the price of 10s each
to my brother Thomas Somerscale, (over and above the £20 which I am bound to pay for him, to John Savage), £20.
to my brother Richard Somerscale (over and above the £17 which he owes me by my book) £40
to Jane Watkinson, wife of Edward Watkinson of Silsden moor, 10s
to Thomas Heles of the parish of Kildwick in the County of York 10s
to Alice Somerscale wife of my brother Willyam Somerscale, 40s
to Thomas Dawson of Lewes in the County of Sussex 50s to make him a ring and to his wife 30s to make her a ring
to my servant Thomas Cowper a morning cloak.
to Alvered Drausfeilde, Grocer, a morninge cloak,
to master Richard Stocke, preachinge at my burial 10s
to Willyam Wilson, Habberdasher, 40s and my old cloth gown and to Thomas Symons, his servant my old mallard coloured cloke.
to Robert Dawson, Habberdasher, 40s and to John Ambrey his servant 10s
to Nicholas Raynton, Habberdasher, 30s to make him a ring
to Thomas Coates gentleman 20s to make him a ring

to twenty young men being bachelors that shall go to my burial a pair of gloves each of 12d price each

to Mistress Baker, wife of George Baker, Habberdasher, 40s
to Willyam Ellys, servant to my uncle Edward Watkinson, a morning cloak.

to the poor of the parish of Kildwick in the County of York where I was borne 40s
to the poor of Sainte Martins parish where I doe now dwell 10s

The residue of my goods etc. I give to my brother Willyam Somerscale and I make Willyam Somerscale my brother my executor of this my last will, I make my uncle Edward Watkinson supervisor of the same

Witnesses John Dixon notary; Edward Watkinson; Laurence Dawson and Hugh Osborne servant to the said notary.

(See Richard 1571 will for family)