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Summerscales Family History
Will of William Somerscales

In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen [in the name of God, Amen], the eight day of Februarie: the yere of o[u]r Lord God Ml vC l [1550]
I, William Som[er]scales, of hooll mynd and good remembrance, makes my last will and testament in maner and forme foloyng.
I gif and bequeath my saull to God almyghtie, oure Ladie Sancte Marie, and to all the blissed company of heaven,
And my bodie to be buried in the churche yerde of the Holie Aposcle Sancte Andrew at Kildwike.
Also I gife for my mortuarie as the Kynges lawes doithe requyre.
Also I gif to Jenett Som[er]scales my doughto[r] a whie [young heifer] price 6s 8d, or els 6s 8d in money if she requyre it.
Also I gif to Alicie Scherde a whie calf, and it to be brought up at my howse to it be 3 yeres old.
Also I gif to Margarete Somerscales my doughtour a cow.
Also my minde and will is that John Somerscales my son have a receyte and rowme to wake of his conscience in the howse, to that he may gett a better resett by the licentie of the Lord.
Also I gif the good will of my tenemente and fermold [farmhold] after my decesse and Margarete my wif to Richard my son (the licentie of the Lord obteyned and had).
The rest of all my goodes, my dettes paid, and my fun[er]all expences deducte, I gif to Margarete my wif and John my son, whome I make my true executours, and they to dispose it as they thinke most expedient for the well of my saull.
Theis beyng wittenes Peter Scardb[urgh] gentleman, Henrie Hudson, Thomas Tempest, Roberte Som[er]scales, Milis Gill.
Also I the said William Som[er]scales doith take it of my chardge that I owe no maner of dettes to Roberte Grenewod of Wakefeld, but as ev[er]ye Christiane may owe to other.
Theis beyng wittenes Peter Scardeburgh, Milis Gill, Henr[ie] Hudson.

Probate of Will of William Somerscales
And on the 15th day of the month of April in the above-repeated year of our Lord the Dean of Craven certified himself to have approved the said will, by virtue of a commission directed to him in that regard, by Peter Scardeburgh, Henry Hudson and Thomas Thempest, witnesses, they being sworn,
And administration of the goods of the same was committed to Margaret the relict and John the son of the said deceased, the executors named in the same will, they being sworn in form of law etc.
Saving all right whatsoever etc.