Summerscales Family History
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North Summerscales of Hull , he visited John Somerscales of Silsden in 1818 and made notes on the family’s history

Thomas Somerscales of Hull, the marine artist.

John Summerscales of Oldham (Solicitor)

Herbert Bentley Summerscales with his wife Margaret and daughter Lucy   (owned the Summerscales washing machine factory in Keighley)

Margaret Summerscales as a child with her mother  (Mrs Clark)

Lucy Summerscales picking flowers in Addingham early last century

Harry Summerscales (b1881) with his son  Wilfred

Alec Hobson (married Lucy Summerscales)

Beryl Hobson (my mother) youngest daughter of Alec and Lucy .  She married Stanley Carter Price of Lancashire

The Summerscales Building Ballarat Melbourne, courtesy of Gail Macqueen  (see separate page for more information  on Gail’s family and a correction to my information)